World health organization and other bodies have given this ingredient a green sign

carrageenanA world health organization meet was held in Geneva to decide on the usage of seaweed carrageen extract in food, and the outcome of the deliberations is that it is safe to be included in child food products. As per the seaweed industry the seaweed extract that is used in food products have shown great results in the infant, it helped them to stay away from the common flu and viruses that causes cold. It also helps the infant to absorb the other nutrients effectively. There have been apprehensions in the past regarding this products as inclusive studies have shown it cause gastrointestinal disorders.

It doesn’t hamper your bodies metabolic in anyway

Studies have shown that carrageenan has helped the human body however due to the controversy with its further processed counterpart; people tend to be wary of its use. This seaweed extract is all natural and only has good properties in it and is safe and useful for the consumption for infants and growing kids. There have been multiple studies on the usage of this product but all studies and research has given this product a green signal for usage in food products.

Don’t mistake it with its degraded version

The who idea of the meet by the world health organization in Geneva was to see if it is safe for infants and others to use products that the red seaweed extract in it. Researchers have acknowledged after sufficient deliberation that this product can be used and permitted to be used in infant’s food substance under regulation. All the negative attributes about the product was driven by its degraded version which was renamed later. One can be sure that under no circumstances can one mistake seaweed extract with its degraded version as they look different have no similarities.